Mastering Funnel-etics With Trey Lewellen
You're Just ONE FUNNEL AWAY from a Multi-Million Dollar Funnel.. you just need to understand ONE THING.. we call it: Mastering Funnel-etics! 
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mY dRIVE...
Three years ago my brother graduated from law school and was going to become a police officer. I wanted to create a funnel that would allow him to NOT come home in a coffin. Not to mention I wanted out of my day job selling insurance....I told my brother we were going to start a company- and I knew the only thing he loved was guns- So I said "Lets build a company around guns!" We went on to create ILMG which stands for I Love My Gun. and you’re probably thinking .. (“Wow Trey - thats an ingenious name..”) No one ever said you had to be a genius to make money online - okay? 

In fact - the first time I came into contact with online marketing was when I first went to a Traffic and Conversion conference, sat by a guy (probably 5 years younger than me) - and I asked him, how much money he brought in last month, in which he replied around $10,000 — and when I asked how - he showed me a fan page all about cats.. (Swear!) but he was selling a piece of software..

So you’re telling me — you post pictures of cats and sell software? he said ‘yup’ .. I said that sounds easy enough for me! I’m in.. and thats where my journey down the rabbit hole to online marketing really began.

We got to work...
My Brother and I got to work - and started selling t-shirts on Facebook.. but instead of having pages on pages of cats.. we thought we’d switch it up a bit and have congruency with what we were going to sell.. so we posted pictures of guns.. and received tons of engagement.

(again— you don’t have to be a genius to make this stuff work guys)

Within 9 months of starting our Fan Page we sold over 60,000 shirts that equated to over $750,000 in revenue, profits around the 40% mark! 

This was just 3 short years ago! Pretty amazing right? 

In those short 3 years, we’ve grown our company to a multi-million dollar company, we employ close to 50 people and keep growing monthly - it truly has been a remarkable ride since that first day selling our first physical product!

Although, we only sell 20 products we sell a lot of them! 

Some of the products are consumable, meaning they need to be replenished, some products are little trinkets like knives, a compass, first aid kits,...other products we sell are more in price such as flashlights, floodlights, and solar panels, we also have continuity programs where people pay from $10 per month to $40 per month to be subscribed! 

But These funnels, they’ve changed my life — and I KNOW they can change YOUR LIFE TOO! - they are so POWERFUL,.. and can do so much more than just produce cash.. These funnels - They have abilities! 

It goes back to that drive we all just talked about,.. Funnels allow us to spread a message, but not just ‘A’ message - they allow us to spread YOUR Message!
Now the entire purpose of this blog is to help you... MAKE YOU MORE MONEY!! DRIVE YOUR MESSAGE HOME, AND BECOME SOMEBODY!
Now .. if it hasn’t become clear yet — I’m a funnel lover, I know you may have a a shopify store, or an amazon store,.. and I think that's awesome! 

Today - I’m making it my MISSION, My Mantra, My Rally Cry to educate you on the EXPLOSIVE POWER a funnel can have on your business… but in order to do that —

you have to ask yourself ONE question…

What makes a funnel ‘Click’?

What makes it work?

Why do some people just seem to keep hitting home runs and other Fail at funnels?
I HAVE THE ANSWER ... You just need to:
'change your view'
When speaking with my mastermind clients -- they always tell me how much they like it when I show them the gears behind the funnels, what really makes a funnel work, how to make sure your funnel is going to MAKE money before ever launching! And that my friends is exactly what I'm going to show you today--

But I have bad news.. it does involve math! and when there is math - I find there to be 2 types of people.

There are the ones that ironically have brought their calculators, just in case a math problem of complexity pops up and needs solved. You know who you are!!

Or maybe your like me.. when you hear math, you run the other way — 

you feel like a corndog at a hot dog party. RIGHT?

But why am I telling you this.. 

Because no matter if your a math wizard or a corndog - I’m about to break down the behind the scenes math of a funnel so that anyone can understand how to become successful! 
I CALL IT: "Mastering funnel-etics"
Single Product Funnel
By single product funnel - a good example might be a book offer! Your selling your Newly Published Book and want to get it out to the public!

With a single product funnel you’ll have your OPT-IN page or sales page -> then your order form and then a few upsell's behind the order form. Which we call OTO1 and OTO2 - that stands for One-Time-Offer 1, and One-Time-Offer 2. 

Now what I want to do is walk you through a single product funnel based on our in-house conversions starting with the Opt-in page.
Lets say were selling a $35.00 on the order form, $55 on the upsell. 
So lets do some simple math here. 500 orders at $35.00 gives us $17,500.. 

25 Times $55 = $1375 and 25 * 95 = $2375 

Which gives us a total of $21,250

500 Buyers brought in $21,250 with 10,000 clicks 
Our OPT-IN usually sits around the 50% mark… so if I sent 10,000 clicks to my sales page.. only 5000 people (50%) would click over to the order form page. On the order form we are seeing around a 10% mark and on our One-Time-Offers we are at 5% on the lower end.

Now - Lets say you go over to Facebook and you push ads to this funnel and drive clicks.. I like to look at around 10,000 clicks to get an idea on how this funnel will perform..

We have 10,000 clicks - which means 50% will click through the sales page leaving us with 5000,.. 5000 see the order form which converts at 10% giving us 500 Buyers,.. from there we have both one-time-offers converting at 5%, giving us 25 sales on both.

The next step is to figure out what you can afford traffic wise.. now keep in mind these numbers do not include cost of goods, shipping or overhead so make sure you include that when you’re putting your numbers together. 

For simplicity - we will take our $21,250 and divide that by our 10,000 clicks which tells us that we can afford (on this funnel) approx. $2.12/click! Thats outstanding! 

This means that I can spend $1.00 per click, $1.50 per click, even $2.00/click and still be profitable on this funnel — now thats amazing! 
Then the next question you’ll want to ask yourself is, how much can I afford to purchase a buyer with? And this is important - because who ever can pay the most to acquire a buyer online wins! (Perry Belcher has shared this multiple of times from stage) 

To find out what we can afford for a buyer we just take our total of $21,250 and divide it by our number of buyers which is 500 which gives us $42.50/buyer. 

This is also known as a CONVERSION.. so if you're using Facebook conversion pixels, this would be what you’re looking at for your conversion cost. 

Which means I can pay up to $42.50/buyer or for a conversion on this particular funnel and Break Even. 

nEXT IS MULTI-Product funnels 
 What about a Multi-Product Funnel...?

First - lets discuss what I mean by 'Multi'!

By multi, I’m talking about just allowing the customer to purchase more than ONE of the same product.. Thus they can buy two, three, four.. of the same product.. Make sense? 

First Lets Do An Example: 
Take that example as we did in the single product funnel, but this time allow the user to purchase more than one unit!

But by going from a single product funnel into a multi-product funnel I can guarantee you, that you’ll 2.2X your revenue on that funnel.. I’ll get to that here in a minute.

For this case, we would have:

1 unit for $35,
2 units for $70,
3 units for 105,
4 for 140,
5 for175,
10 for 350..

As you’ll see, I like to do a 1-5, 10 model.. I don’t usually allow the customer to grab 6-9.. mainly because how cumbersome it becomes on the click funnels sales page. 
I do notice people who tend to purchase 5 units will often purchase 10.. 

HINT: if people are buying 10, they’ll purchase 20! Remember that!

If you’re finding people are buying lots of 10’s, add a 20 on your order form and you’ll find sales at 20 going out the door. Don’t under estimate your buyer. 

To repeat - we have one unit at $35, 2 at $70, 3 at 105, 4 at 140, 5 at 175, and 10 at 350. 

Now here is the really cool thing! No matter on a single product funnel or a multi-product funnel your OPT-IN and order form will convert the same! 

The OPT-IN will stick at 50% and the order form will stick at 10%. 

Heres the really interesting thing - so make sure you’re paying close attention! 

The 500 sales will now be divided throughout the available units to choose from. 

Let me say that again: The 500 sales will now be divided throughout the available units to choose from.

By just giving customers the option to purchase more - they will!!! 

We will typically see 38% of the 500 buyers purchase 1 unit, 

HOLY SMOKES!!! Rewind - are you paying attention to this? 38% took 1 unit.. which means 62% are going to purchase MORE THAN ONE unit from me! 
What Are You Telling Me?
I'm telling you by just giving the option to purchase more than one, only 38% just took one, which means 62% are going to purchase more than one unit..

Does this excite you? It Should!! This gets me all jacked up! 

So What Does This Mean??
It means more money in your pockets…

Just by adding the option to purchase more than one, I’m already selling more,.. without any changes to my order form! 

Isn't that amazing? 

28% purchase TWO — hello!!! Money! (Ka-Ching)

14% purchased 3
6% purchased 4
8% Purchased 5

And would you look at that, just look at it — 4% purchased 10! …

10 units! 

10 units at $350!!!!!!

This means of the 500 buyers -

190 people purchased 1 Units
140 purchased 2,
70 purchased 3,
30 purchased 4,
40 purchased 5,
and 20 purchased 10.. and when you add it all up - equates to $42,000 in revenue!

Again - your funnel is going to be the same,.. and your OTO1’s are going to convert the same.. which means! 

500 buyers would give us $42,000 plus our OTO’s — giving us 45,750

Going with the book example — we were just selling ONE Book,.. and now we are giving the client an option to purchase more than one book.. which makes sense! 

When I purchase books, I typically will buy more than one just to hand out to people, it makes a great gift and we have a in house library that I like to stock as well! 

So looking at this — and this is what blows my mind.. by just allowing someone to purchase one book.. that funnel brought in $21,250.. but with just the tweak of a funnel and allowing them to now purchase more than one product,. I OVER doubled my revenue.. The multi-product brought in $45,750.

Thats practically 2.2X what a single funnel was brining in.. 

You’re always ONE funnel away from creating a million dollar funnel and sometimes all it takes is to CHANGE YOUR VIEW!

By limiting myself to a single product funnel.. I can only afford $42.50 per buyer.. where as with a Multi product funnel I can afford a buyer for $91.50..

Now — if you know anything about buyers and acquisition cost - you understand that the PERSON who can afford to pay MORE for a buyer WINS!! EVERY TIME! 
Single Product Continuity
Single Product Continuity — I call this my Freemium to Premium funnel. 

I want to now show you how a Single Product funnel with a FREE $1.00 Trial into Continuity funnel operates. 

To Recap - we’ve done a single product funnel, then a multi-product funnel.. Now I’m going to show you a single product into continuity funnel works in your favor.

The concept here is to get as many people as you can for a free item.. from there you’ll discuss your continuity program and hope they opt-in for $1.00 trial. 

This is going to be some advanced level funnel math .. because what you’re about to see is how I go into ‘debt’ and then come back out of it with continuity. 

So here we go…

We have a single product funnel — we send 10,000 clicks through the funnel, 50% get past the sales page. 10% purchase the free product that I’ve stated is around $5.00. And then we show them the free trial for $1.00 which converts around 20%.. 

We have 500 orders at $5.00 and 100 orders (20%) at $1.00 for the free trial. 

500 * 5.00 = 2500 PLUS 100 at $1.00 == $2600 

To find out how much we can afford to acquire a buyer — we take the revenue divided by the amount of buyers — in this case ($2600 / 500) == $5.20/buyer

$5/buyer is pretty typical with a freemium to premium.

Here is the ultimate question - how much do we need to spend to acquire a Continuity Buyer..

(Continuity Buyer = Someone who opts into the membership)

If we are converting at 20% - that means 1 for every 5 buyers will become a membership buyer. 

100/20 = 5x/Buyers Per Member
So we take 5 * what is takes to gain a buyer $5.20 = $26.00 / Continuity Member

The most I can pay is $26 to gain a Continuity buyer
Continuity Over Time.. 
We have our funnel that places people into the continuity at 20%. 

So looking at a chart - Month 1 would have 100% of the people go into continuity .. what does that look like when we put 1000 people inside continuity?

Month 1 = 1000 * 1.00 = $1000 In .. okay - thats not to bad..

Month 2 (just 30 days later) = we have an 82% stick rate.. why 82%?

This is from people opting in and deciding the membership isn’t for them, people refunding, cards declining, and cancellations,.. 

Quick Tip
— The more people you can keep inside your members area every month,.. substantially increases your monthly revenue.. so it's critical that you watch your churn rate every month.. 

If you want to see how we increased our stick rate from 82% to 95%.. do yourself a solid and click the link below to be sent the behind the scenes video on how we increased our churn by 12%!

We’re at month 2 .. 1000 members * 82% gives us 820 members * $40/month for the membership which is what we charge which comes out to be $32,800

Month 3 - 820 members * .82 Churn = 672 members * 40 = $26,880

Month 4 brings in $22,040

Month 5 brings in $18,040

Which comes to a total gross with 1000 members coming in at Month 1.. $100,760


We’ll come back to this $100,760 in just a second.. 

but first lets take a look at a real world example.. because up to this point — these have been just numbers… which I call Theory. and theory doesn't make us any money if not proven TRUE!

Now - its time we prove our theory’s true and with real world examples making them a reality!
Want a REAL WORLD example..? Here it is!!!
I conducted three days of testing for this funnel to see if it would work.. and I’ll be curious to know if this is a funnel anyone would keep pushing after seeing our 3 day test results.
Play Video
REAL WORLD Example - Math!
Going from left column to right.. We sold 19 units of 1 product which resulted in a 38% conversion of all units sold.. I charged $1.93 (my cost was $2.44) So when you take 19 orders and multiple that by 2.44 - you get $46.36 my cost,.. but I charged $36.67.. Which means I’m now negative in profit by -$9.69.

BUT,.. Lets keep going…

I had 14 orders selling 2 units, 28% conversion of all units sold… (are these numbers starting to look familiar?) I brought in $3.86 per order, it cost me $2.44 — now with a profit of $19.88

So Trey - why not just sell two units vs just one? Because 38% want to purchase 1 unit, and those are buyers! 

As we keep going here — 7 orders at $6.37 profit, 3 orders at $8.52 profit, 4 orders at $9.32 profit, 2 units at $14.20 profit.
When we add it all up - We profited around $48.60 and brought in 50 buyers — simple division tells us that we can afford up to $.97/conversion

(which isn’t much…)

Now, lets take a real quick look at what I paid for those conversions from Facebook..

On Facebook I spent $501.11 — which when divided by my 50 buyers shows it was costing me $10.02 per conversion. 

Now as some of you are looking at your notes right now — your might be a little confused — and I get that.. 

You’ve noticed I could afford $.97/conversion but its costing me $10 — so why in the world would I not stop this funnel in a hurry?

You’ll see why soon enough…

Putting the Math Together...
Putting this math together — I spend $10 for a conversion minus what I profited (.97) which tells me it takes -9.05 to acquire a customer. 

But what I’m doing after the order form is where all this crazy math starts to come together! 

For this particular funnel - we are converting at 20% into the continuity. 
So it takes me 5 buyers to create one continuity member.
Now in order for me to gain one continuity buyer - its going to cost me 5 * -9.05 which is -45.25 my cost to acquire a membership client. 

..and heres the cool thing: I want 1000 clients this month! 


Now in order for me to gain one continuity buyer - its going to cost me 5 * -9.05 which is -45.25 my cost to acquire a membership client. and since I want 1000 new members that means I'll be -45,250 in the RED.. 

Now -- STAY WITH ME HERE.. because when I give this example I always loose half the audience.. and thats because I haven't showed you the UP SIDE to this equation yet.. 

So - your -45,250 in the RED.. how do we come around? 

What do we have so far on Day 1. 

We have 1000 members at $1.00 (All Paid) which gives us $1000.00 which is not much considering we are $45k in the hole.. 

But .. come 30 days after .. we have our first renewals! Just like before we will see around 82% churn (18% wont renew).

1000 members * .82 * 40 = $32,800 

Month 3 - the now 820 Active members will bring in:

820 * .82 * 40 = $26,880

Between Month 2 and Month 3 is the pivotal moment -- where 100% of our INVESTMENT is returned. THIS IS THE MOST CRUCIAL PIECE! 

From Month 1 to Month 3 -- we will bring in $60,680! 

As the months continue..

Month 4: 672 * .82 * 40 = $22,040

Month 5: 551 * .82 * 40 = $18,040

Month 6: 451 * .82 * 40 = $14,760 

Which comes to a TOTAL GROSS of $115,520!!
45k becomes $115,520 in just 6 Months!!!

Now,.. tell me -- what Edward Jones office can you go into and lay down $45k and say in 6 months I want 2.2X my money...? 

No Where! 

The math doesn't lie and now you can see what no one is showing you..

This is Online Expert Math!

You now have the Mathematical Equation for Success!


For the big finale here — when you dial in your funnels, you understand the math behind them, and have an amazing continuity program that people are excited to be paying for.. 

This is what you’ll gain!


If you put JUST 1000 clients in a continuity program at $40/month — that would yield $480,000 in revenue per year!! 

Would $480,000 change your life?

2000 Clients would give you $960,000/year — that is right under the MILLION MARK..

3000 Clients — BINGO!! Practically $1.5MM per year!

4000 Clients — 1.9MM a year

5000 Clients - 2.4MM a year

.....and my favorite .. by just having 10,000 clients in your program at $40/month — you will yield $4.8 Million Dollars a year!!! 

Guys — this is not rocket science — by now having the understanding of what it takes to have a profitable, cash earning, money making funnel machine,.. you can go out and be successful!

Build the life style your looking to build, be able to never stress over a bill again, have the house you want, drive the car you desire.. 

10,000 CLIENTS = $4,800,000 PER YEAR!!!!
Guys — this is not rocket science — by now having the understanding of what it takes to have a profitable, cash earning, money making funnel machine,.. you can go out and be successful! 

Build the life style your looking to build, be able to never stress over a bill again, have the house you want, drive the car you desire.. 

Now go out and build your million dollar funnel by using Clickfunnels.

Your future is just one "Funnel Away!!!!!"

To start taking advantage of this NEW WISDOM and use the SAME Platform I'm using called ClickFunnels,. Click The Button Below to grab a FREE TRAIL ACCOUNT!
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